FILMOGRAPHY | Özgür Cem Aksoy Özgür Cem Aksoy


Parting Shot– 2018 – Narrative Fiction – 00:10:30

There is an incident at an otherwise very ordinary Turkish funeral. A man drops his phone inside the grave while throwing soil during the burial. He promptly interrupts the service to take his phone back.


The Table Spread – 2017- Narrative Fiction – 00:09:29

The story of two friends who are digging all night hoping to find a treasure. As long as the human being is surrounded by destructive emotions such as jealousy, greed and anger, this story will continue in different ways and shapes.


One Day At The Beach – 2013 –  Stop Motion Animation – 00:01:30

Everything had been going so well at the beach until the polar bear appeared on the sea.


The Rope – 2011 –  Narrative Fiction – 00:02:06